Trailer Renovation Update: Part I

I hope y’all had a great Father’s Day weekend! Last week was a little hectic, so I needed some rest, BAD. Jesse and I spent most of Saturday at the trailer, working on the renovation, and it’s really starting to pick up now.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote that we were working on paneling the master bedroom ceiling, which was the starting point for our ceiling project. If you missed that post, check out It’s All About the Details- 7 creative ways to add detail to your ceiling. The master bedroom is now 99% complete, and we’re making a lot of progress on the rest of the trailer.  All that’s left is a faux beam down the center, to mask the currently exposed structural beam.


Doesn’t it look AWESOME?? I’m still so in love with the paneled ceilings, you just don’t even know.


After working on this for two weeks, we only lack ceilings in both bathrooms, and the living/kitchen area. I’m guessing that by the end of this week, we’ll have it all completed, giving us a total completion time of three weeks. Not too bad, given that Jesse and I both work full time and can only squeeze in about 3 hours of renovation time per night.

In other exciting news, I chose our color palette! After a lot of deliberation, I decided to go with steel blue and cream accent colors. Jesse was great about helping me decide which shades of both would look best. He’s great to bounce ideas off of, I’m truly blessed.


I think the accent colors are going to look phenomenal with the yellow walls. Seeing the colors come together, I’m even beginning to like the yellow walls a little. Didn’t think that would happen! Haha! But, that’s the beauty of choosing a great color palette; the most unexpected colors can tie a room together perfectly.

To be completely honest, I was dreading moving into the trailer. I’m nearly 28 years old and I fully expected to be moving into a house, not continuing to rent and certainly not in a trailer. But, after a lot of prayer and humbling conversations, my dread has turned into full-on excitement. Yes, it may be a trailer, but we are fortunate enough to be able to renovate and make it our own.

If everything comes together like I’m envisioning, our little farmhouse-style trailer will feel like home. Moral of the story? Make the most of your situation and let your creativity shine. I’ll continue to provide updates as we make more progress, so be on the look out!


Brittany S.




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